Silktest Question 2 : SilkTest recognises Internet Explorer as a Client/Server Application

After enabling the extension by tools/extensions for browser, SilkTest shows browser as a client-server application and the following message appears

SilkTest detected a Client/Server application.
The required Extension has been enabled.

There is only one solution for this problem with SilkTest testing tool. You have to recreate your windows user profile on the machine: Login as administrator, go to the User Profiles tool from the Advanced tab of the System Properties dialog box. Once you do, select your user profile from the list and click the Delete button. Log on again as you and this will create a new user profile.

P.S. If you want to save information from the profile, save that information individually i.e. if the you want to save your favorites copy the favorites to an other location and after deleting the profile copy the favorites back.


Anonymous said...

THis problem appears if SilkTest and WinRunner both installed on PC. So there is one more way to solve this problem: uninstall WinRunner :)

Anonymous said...

However, Silktest will not work even after the uninstallation of winrunner.

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