SilkTest 2011 download ready

Starting today QA Testers can download SilkTest 2011 trial version from Micro Focus web site. SilkTest 2011 adds support for Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex and enhances cross browser support by adding Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 browsers. Additional enhancements for regression and functional testing with Micro Focus Silk Test 2011 include User Access Compliance (UAC) for Microsoft Windows 7 to support effective testing in standard user privileges.

Silktest Interview Question 78 - How many programming languages can QA Engineer use in Micro Focus SilkTest?

Micro Focus SilkTest 2010 allows QA Testers to develop test cases scripts using different programing language such as 4Test, VB.Net, C#, or Java and various work environments SilkTest Classic, Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse, while SilkTest Workbench allows automation testing on recording and playback level for less skilled QA Testers. In the same time SilkTest test cases written in different languages share architecture through a common engine SilkTest Open Agent, which exposes UI object recognition, synchronization and test interfaces.

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