Silktest Question 5 : Why did Borland buy Segue?

Nielsen, Borland's president and chief executive officer said

Segue’s quality optimization products and services will add significantly to our growing portfolio of application lifecycle management solutions. This is a natural extension of our focus to expand beyond development and into software delivery, helping companies increase business value through successful software initiatives.

The decision to expand our emphasis on applicaion lifecycle management, and at the same time enable our IDE business to get the attention it deserves, enables us to do what’s right for our business, what’s right for our customers, and what’s right for the future of software development.

The Segue had suite of industry-leading products include automated tools for:
  • Test Management to provide a process-driven approach for planning, documenting and managing the entire testing process
  • Functional & Regression Testing to verify your application's ability to accurately address all requirements from build to build
  • Load, Stress & Performance Testing to maximize your application's performance, scalability and reliability by simulating real-world conditions before it goes live
  • Application Performance Management to to evaluate end-user experience and service-level fulfillment of your live application 24x7x365

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