SilkTest Question 27: How to set correct browser extension for web based application?

The following steps describes setting browser extension for testing web based applications.

  • Start SilkTest application.
  • Start Internet Explorer browser
  • Enter the URL of the Web application into Internet Explorer address bar and leave the Internet Explorer window with the web based application. Do not minimize browser window!
  • Switch back to SilkTest window.
  • Select Workflow->Basic in SilkTest menu
  • Press Enable Extensions on the Workflow bar.
  • The Enable Extensions dialog will show up. In most cases the web based application running in the browser window will be listed in the dialog box.
  • Select your web based application and click select.
  • The Extension Settings modal dialog window will show up. Select radio button DOM and click OK to enable the DOM browser extension.
  • Restart your web based application as asked in Text Extension Setting window and press Test button.
  • The SilkTest window with text "Configuration of your Internet Explorer 6 application is complete" should appear in case of successful settings.


mmmm said...

i have one problem, after restarting the web application again.. "test" button of the silk application is not going to enable. so thus i am not able to settle down browser extension

deepak said...

after pressing the button i am getting the message

"Silktest is unable to write the updated extension settings to c:\program files\borland\siltest\partner.ini
this file may be open. if so re-configure your extensions.

I did it many time . but sama proble appears again and again

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