SilkTest Question 70: How to compare PDF document with SilkTest

Even in SilkTest 2008 SP1, there is no support for PDF documents, however, seasoned SQA Engineer can easily figure out how retrieve contents of a PDF document by using Desktop.TypeKeys("") and Desktop.TypeKeys("") to copy the contents to the clipboard and use the clipboard class to work with the contents of the document by saving the contents to a text file for further analysis. The above method is limited to only text and does not retrieve images on PDF documents.

SilkTest Question 69: SilkTest vs Winrunner comparison?

This SilkTest interview question was very popular not long ago among interviewers and in most cases looked like: explain the major differences between SilkTest and Winrunner, compare Silk Test and Winrunner. This question was reasonable for companies trying to hire Quality Assurance Engineers and implement software automation tools. If you expect I would provide detailed comparison of Winrunner and SilkTest or you have to compare these automation tools by technologies, supported environments during interview, you are completely wrong. My answer on this interview question would be - HP WinRunner become a legacy tool not long ago and it does not make sense to compare SilkTest vs Winrunner any more.

Borland SilkTest 2008 SP1 is available for download

Borland SilkTest 2008 SP1 is officially available. 470 MB of SilkTest 2008 downloads are available for all Silk Test 2008 customers:

The new features are
  • Silk4J Eclipse Plugin - Silk4J enables Quality Assurance Engineers to create functional tests using the Java programming language. Silk4J plugin requires Eclipse 3.3;
  • Java SWT/RCP Support for the SilkTest Open Agent - Quality Assurance Engineers can create projects or scripts for Java SWT and Eclipse applications that use the next generation Open Agent;
  • Java SWT Sample Applications - SilkTest 2008 SP1 includes a Java SWT 3.2 and 3.3 sample application, which use the SilkTest Open Agent.
  • Enabling Extensions for the Open Agent Using the Command Line - QA Engineers can specify a command line pattern that Silk Test 2008 SP1 uses to enable extensions for the Open Agent.

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