Borland SilkTest 2008 is available for download

From the news
Austin, Texas - Apr 07, 2008 : Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ: BORL,, today announced the availability of its Borland Silk 2008 product line.

Now SQA Engineers can download free Borland SilkTest 2008 (30-day trial version). The Silk Test 2008 release includes the following new features and enhancements:
  • New SilkTest Open Agent
  • SilkTest Default Agent
  • Adobe Flex Support
  • Adobe Flex Sample Applications
  • Animated Run Mode (Slow-Motion)
  • TrueLog Generation Can Be Turned Off or On Using the Run Testcase Dialog
  • Use ANSI Calls Available from the Agent Options Dialog
  • DOM Extensions Dialog Includes List Item Option
  • IBM JRE Support

Most awaited by many Quality Assurance Engineers features like usage Java as development language or use of Eclipse Interface as IDE will be available later with the release of SilkTest 2008 R2. Borland sets the price for SilkTest 2008 starting at $4,500 per user and depends from type of license.

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