SilkTest Question 60: Where can I find SilkTest 2010 tutorials?

My understanding of Micro Focus policy on SilkTest 2010 tutorials is more or less - take the $2,400 SilkTest training course if you have any questions. Micro Focus does not publish books, Micro Focus does not offer SilkTest best practice advice for free, and they is not extremely well at helping advanced users. If you are new in test automation area, and desperately need QA training, try to study a free "SilkTest 2010 Tutorial" on Borland SilkTest Tutorials page. It contains a nice introduction to SilkTest and related automation concepts, step-by-step procedures that teach how to build and run tests and test plans from the scratch, and how to interpret test results.

A few more Silk Test 2010 tutorials for novice users are available for from the same page:

  • SilkTest Recorder Quick Start Tutorial
  • Using the Basic Workflow with the Open Agent
  • Silk4J Quick Start Tutorial
  • Using the Basic Workflow with the SilkTest Classic Agent
  • Using Autocomplete
  • Creating Data Driven Testcases
  • Working with Projects
  • Testing Flex Applications
  • Testing Java Applications

These Tutorials can also found by going to Start > Programs > MicroTest > SilkTest 2010 > Documentation > SilkTest Tutorials.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. It is so difficult to find any documentations on SilkTest and the techpub's website that I have been asked to go to, is more or less can be said as "useless".

Anonymous said...

You need to updaate the Borland SilkTest Tutorial link. The company this link refereces does not exist,, therefore this link is useless.

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