SilkTest Question 48: Do you recommend installing WinRunner and Silktest on the same machine?

Scanning job search site the eager job hunter may notice a lot of Quality Assurance engineers with different automating tools in the resume. I would suggest asking about ideas to work with WinRunner and Silktest installed on the same machine. In most cases such setup would work fine, but suddenly a new difficulty may arise, for example with Java applets testing. Last week one of our outsourced team member in India installed SilkTest on a computer that already had WinRunner installed by somebody else. The tests were working well until she started trying to enable extensions for Java applets. As a result of this Silk Test recognize IE6 browser as a client/server application. The Borland (Segue) support told us that WinRunner installs own Java classes that may conflict with SilkTest extension and they do not recommend installing both testing tool on the same machine in any Test Lab.

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