SilkTest Question 67: How to start/stop/pause two word names Windows service with SilkTest?

The answer for How to start/stop/pause Windows service with SilkTest? work great for services with one word names for example "WinRunner" but the solution would not accept the two separate word on services with two or three names, such as "Silk Test license"
In order to control two and more word named services, SQA Engineer will have to utilize the Service name rather than the display name (the display name will only be able to be used on one word display named services).
SQA Engineer can discover the "Service Name" of a Service by right-clicking on the service and then going to "Properties".

SilkTest interview question 66: SilkTest vs Selenium?

Lately one of the interns, who works for our company for training rather than only employment, asked me to make a suggestion to choose between SilkTest and Selenium as carrier path for future Quality Assurance Engineer position.

Let's take a detailed glance and evaluate both test automated tools against each other:

The benefits of Selenium is completely free open source test automation tool, while SilkTest price is around a few thousand dollars per license. It means if you want to include Selenium to your talent set, just download free application, download manual and start testing. SilkTest download is not free, and available only for Borland customers, although everyone may download Silk Test free trial version, but it will help you for 30 days and then you will get bombarded by Borland sales asking to buy test automation tool.

There are no a single SilkTest book or tutorial in print yet except SilkTest Getting Started Tutorial, comparing with several recently published Selenium and QTP books. Quality Assurance society anticipate more Selenium books in the nearest future. For for detailed book review look at Best Books for QTP and Top Books for Selenium posts.

Selenium allows creating automated test cases only against web applications. In the same time Quality Assurance Engineer may use Silk Test for automating client server application. Selenium gracefully supports a broad range of browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Konqueror on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In the same time Silk Test is restricted to Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows.
SilkTest uses 4Test scripting language to describe the test procedure, and to manipulate the objects and pedals of the application under test. One more benefits of Selenium has lots of language bindings like Java, .Net, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby, so anyone can learn not only one tool, but add a few more lines in the resume.
Last thing to check is to visit any employment search sites like or and compare how many opening are available for SilkTest or Selenium.

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