SilkTest question 68: Online Advanced Training with SilkTest

I want to repost comment to SilkTest Question 58: SilkTest training from Borland It looks like I did the right decision when decided to take on site Silk Test training course.

My experience with Borland's instructor led online training.

This "instructor led" online version of the Advanced Training with SilkTest at $1500 is a total rip-off. I am considering contacting the credit card company to dispute the charges based on "breach of contract" and false advertisement.

The online class materials resemble a tutorial that should have been included as part of the SilkTest installation. Do not let the term "instructor led" fool you. You are pretty much on your own. Questions on the question board are left unanswered. If they are answered, most of the time the instructor does not understand your questions or does not know how to answer them. What is the most aggravating experience is to ask the instructor a question on something you read from the online help or class material and to have the instructor copy verbatim as an answer, the very exact paragraph you had a question on. This practice is done without the slightest attempt at expounding on the material. Isn't that what instructor led should be all about - to expound on the material?

The instructor does answer emails, albeit not always in a timely manner. The answers however, are always terse, incomplete and never, ever do they clarify your questions.

Exercises that are required to be submitted to the best of my knowledge are not reviewed.

No recorded WebEx sessions are available.

In summary, you are much better off paying the extra $300 and attending a physical class being taught by a full-time instructor. This option is not always available however, either due to your location or the fact that Borland cancels the classes due to not having enough students. Unfortunately, the instructors for the online version just seem to pop in and out whenever they have the time and do not appear to take the class seriously.

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