Silktest Interview Question 76 - Why do we need to use SilkTest 2009 ?

Could you convince QA manager to invest money in buying SilkTest 2009 license for your QA organization, while QA manager doesn't like test automation and doesn't understand the reasons of using of Silk Test 2009? What is the point of starting the Firefox or IE browser using 4Test or Silk4J code, selecting radio button, checking check boxes, clicking buttons and verifying the text with the help of test scripts written in 4Test or Silk4J code? It is much easier to ask manual QA Tester to just click around the web site and visually verify that everything works as expected in the application, and even run a couple of SQL quires.

One of the ways to persuade QA Manager in investing time and money into developing test automation framework would be to ask him/her to test the application yourself during several QA cycles. It would be virtually impossible to test the application manually, because the testing becomes so prone to human error that no one can guarantee the testing was done right. In the same time Silktest 2009 can repeat the same mundane tests over and over without any complaints. The payoff of using Silk Test 2009 is the ability to change the application code frequently and almost immediately know that the change didn't brake anything. The test automation tool lets QA team to tests against browser interface, but in the same time Silktest SQL features allow direct interaction with databases like MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL to compare results of test execution and prove the web site is working duly.

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Mike said...

Does Silktest manage green screen as well as web?

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