SilkTest Question 46: How to get machine hostname in SilkTest?

Could you create function with 4Test script which would return machine hostname?

There are at least two ways of getting desired value using 4test script. One of them using SYS_Execute function and one more is with SYS_GetEnv function. The both 4test code examples are posted below:

Silk Test

The SYS_Execute function uses Windows XP command prompt networking tool hostname which displays the host name portion of the full computer name. The SYS_GetEnv function returns the value of the COMPUTERNAME environment variable. The second method would work a little bit faster and definitely would be preferable for extensive regression testing.

SilkTest Question 45: How to fix no license for silktest_gui error?

My coworker Senior QA Engineer started to ask the question about no license for silktest_gui 8.0 error to filter candidates without practical experience. The question sounds as the following: In preparation for major production release of your application you tried to start Silk Test 8.0 automation tool and suddenly getting the following windows pop up with error.

SilkTest license
Everything was working perfect in the quality assurance lab yesterday. Give at least two ideas how to fix it?

The most plausible reason would be that SilkTest license was not installed at all or in case it was installed you pointed your Silk Test to the wrong server address or wrong port number.

One more explanation is that everyone else in your QA team use floating licenses and your coworkers exhaust all SilkMeter's resources. You need to open the SilkMeter User Policy Administrator and verify that your licenses are still there and not checked out by anyone else.

By the way the error for SilkTest 2006 would be no 'license for silktest_gui 8.1' and you would not find anything about this error in SilkTest documentation.

SilkTest Question 44: How to email test results using Microsoft Outlook?

My indolent QA Manager wants me to send him the result of execution functional test every night and I'm been sluggish don not want to create and send emails manually. Can I send email with attachment using Silk Test?

Everything is possible in SikTest world. I use "partner -resextract -r "C:\Program Files\Segue\SilkTest\Projects\Winrunner\TestCase.pln" to extract test report. Next I created code below and save it as qtp.vbs (note vbs extension) and run newly created file with the following command "wscript qtp.vbs".

Dim objOutlook
Dim objOutlookMsg
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objOutlookMsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
objOutlookMsg.To = ""
objOutlookMsg.CC = " "
objOutlookMsg.BCC = ""
objOutlookMsg.Subject = "Nightly build verification completed"
objOutlookMsg.Body = "Dear SQA Manager, attached is the result of execution of my lame test"
objOutlookMsg.Attachments.Add "test report"

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