SilkTest Question 56: Will obtaining SCSTE certification improve chances of getting a QA job?

There are many questions and answers among software specialist if any certifications like Segue Certified SilkTest Engineer (SCSTE), QuickTest Professional 9.0 Specialist, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) or Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) as an aid to gaining employment in software area. I think the certification definitely open some more doors in your career, but only with experience. No one in our QA team owns a certification. Our development and QA managers have never mentioned certification requirement in any job description and never hired anyone based on a certification. Do not forget about time you would spend to crack SilkTest exam. So will having a Segue Certified SilkTest Engineer SCSTE help you get hired? Probably, but it perhaps won't matter. I guess it couldn't hurt, just imagine that the manager has to choose among two candidates with the same skill set, but one has SCSTE in the resume and passes the following courses "Verification Testing with SilkTest" and "Advanced Testing with SilkTest". Which one you would hire?

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