Silktest Question 12: What are the database functions offered by DBTester?

DBTester presents 6 functions. You can use them straight in your 4Test scripts:

DB_Connect: Opens a database connection linking the data through the specified OBDC DSN name. DB_Connect returns a connection handle which can be used on other DBTester functions. SQL statements can be submitted to the database.
DB_Disconnect: Closes the database connection represented by the specified connection handle. All resources related to this connect are also released.
DB_ExecuteSql: Sends the specified SQL statement to the specified database connection for execution. DB_ExecuteSql returns a query result handler which can be used by the DB_FetchNext function.
DB_FetchNext: Retrieves the next row from the specified query result handler.
DB_FetchPrevious: Retrieves the previous row from the specified query result handler.
DB_FinishSql: Closes the specified query result handler


Anonymous said...

If the values in the testcase are coming from two different databases, Can Silktest connect to two data sources in one data driven testcase.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Yes Neeta,

that can be very easily done. U just need to disconnect from DSN1 and connect to DSN2 and store the data to some variable again.

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