SilkTest Question 64: How to hide username and password information?

I believe every QA Engineer, with proven SilkTest experience, knows, that two completely new functions, Decrypt() and Encrypt(), were introduced in SilkTest 2006 Release 2. The functions allow encrypt passwords, so that they are not displayed in recorded test scripts or when playing back test scripts. It is obvious that passwords are kind of hidden, I mean if someone takes a look into 4test code of the latest test framework the passwords are hidden, but if you copy-paste them to your own script you can easily descramble the password.

One of the many solutions to resolve problem would be to have every tester save their username and password in for example Excel file on their local machine. All files should have the same name, but contents would be different for each tester. During developing data-driven SilkTest script make them look for the file and read username/password from there. This technique would hide password out of common 4test code.

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