SilkTest Question 40: Did you have any problem with FireFox and SilkTest 8.0?

This interview question is good to verify if candidate for automation QA Engineer position really worked with automation testing tool mention above. Not long ago Borland (BORL) has acknowledged the following defect in the SilkTest 8.0: the FireFox browser may suddenly crash during test script execution with the following mournful message "error loading C:\Program Files\Segue\SilkTest\nshlprfox.dll". It means if you examined web applications with 8.0 version of automated testing tool you definitely experienced capture issue with Firefox browser.

SilkTest Question 39: How to use verify statement?

How to use verify statement to check that actual value doesn't match what was expected, the error is logged, but SilkTest doesn't stop the 4test script execution and keeps running.

The following 4test code can be used by smart SQA Engineer for verification. As we see after exception was logged, the automated tool printed next line.

[-] testcase StringVerification() appstate none
[-] do
[ ] verify("silktest","interview")
[-] except
[ ] ExceptLog()
[ ] print ("the test case still works")

And the following is the result of test script execution

Script question39.t - 1 error
Machine: (local)
Started: 02:22:22PM on 26-Sep-2006
Elapsed: 0:00:05
Passed: 0 tests (0%)
Failed: 1 test (100%)
Totals: 1 test, 1 error, 0 warnings

[-] Testcase StringVerification - 1 error
*** Error: Verify value failed - got "silktest", expected "interview"
Occurred in Verify
Called from StringVerification at question39.t(3)
the test case still works

SilkTest 2006 released by Borland

I suspect the main reason for fresh release is only marketing in addition to Borland JBuilder 2006, Borland Delphi 2006, Borland C++ Builder 2006, Borland C# Builder 2006 the customers are going to have Borland SilkTest 2006. Reading through release notes I see that only two bugs were fixed in the new release and automation tool packaged with TrueLog Explorer which supposes to simplify root cause analysis of test case failures via visual verification. The SilkTest 2006 supports integration with Borland's StarTeam 2005, but you need to buy one. SilkTest International is no more and it is included in the new version and the same happened with .Net support. The bad new is that the price of upgraded automated tool skyrocketed from $6,500 to $9,000 and the same deal appears with SilkTest runtime license it went up to $4,000 from $3,250. Is time to buy BORL? Not yet! SilkTest 2006 only works in an United States locale environment (locale is a set of user preference information related to the user's language, environment and/or cultural conventions). As we all know Windows XP includes support 136 different locales and Borland tested tool only for one of them.

SilkTest Question 38: How to read value from read only text field?

Imagine that the text field has read only status or disabled. The Silk Test returns the unexpected error message "*** Error: Window '[HtmlTextField]Estimated:' is not enabled". Is it possible to obtain text field value?

As usual Lead QA engineer in automation can get value with Agent.SetOption features of SilkTest. The code to retrieve value of 'VMware' text field located on 'WinRunner' page of application under test posted below:


SilkTest Question 37: How to fix "Mouse Coordinate (x,y) is off the screen" error?

During testing of web based application QA Engineer gets the following error "Mouse Coordinate (x,y) is off the screen" when the GUI object goes out of the screen. The issue appears when Silk Test tries to click the GUI objects which are out of screen area.

Provide the following 4test code above the code from where the mouse error occurs
Provide the following 4test code below the code from where the mouse error occurs
  • Agent.SetOption (OPT_VERIFY_EXPOSED, TRUE)

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