SilkTest Question 26: How to repair *** Error: Application not ready error?

During automated regression testing of web based application QA Engineer presses one of the browser controls and gets the error described below:
*** Error: Application is not ready Occured in WaitForReady

The QA engineer could mumble only that the error above is not consistent, it happens sometimes on one of the computer on QA lab, but last month the same 4Test script works perfect on all computers during testing of previous release of the same application.

It looks like your web based application takes to long to respond and SilkTest times out. In this case the usual solution is to boost the timeout values. The test developer can set timeout values for individual script or set globally

The first value to check is 4Test agent OPT_APPREADY_TIMEOUT option, the number of seconds that agent waits for an application to become ready.

The second value to check nInvokeTimeout, an integer that specifies the number of seconds that SilkTest waits to the main window of application to appear.

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