SilkTest Question 24: What is the limitation of Silk Test automation tool?

The tool for automation testing has the following limitations:

Silk Test may not recognize some window frames.
Occasionally it will be thorny to activate application window.
It may be necessary to make some modifications if testing should be shifted to other browser/operating system.
Silk Test sometimes may not recognize some objects in a window or page because of various technical reasons.
The 'tag' value may get changed repeatedly.
During functional testing of web based applications, very often Silk Test will take the links as simple text.

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Jim Griffiths said...

"Silk Test may not recognize some window frames." Wow. This description is so vague it's useless. To be taken seriously, the post should state:
- version of Silk Test used
- specific names/examples of problematic objects, conditions, etc.
- Is there an automation tool that recognizes 100% of all window frames in any browser? Don't think so.

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