SilkTest Question 57: BCSTE certification and job market?

Recently I posted my thought on how any software certification may help with job search. Still, I marveled if probably employers were now beginning to require BCSTE (Borland Certified SilkTest Engineer) certification in their hiring practices, so I made a decision to test it out. is definitely the leading online career network in U.S. So I decided to see how often BCSTE or SCSTE were required in jobs posted on Dice.

I went to and looked for "Silktest" today. I got 80 results. When I looked for "BCSTE, I got nothing, because “Your query was automatically corrected: "BCSTE" to "cste" by I know that CSTE on of the most popular QA certifications administered by the Quality Assurance Institute, but I was looking for BCSTE. How can I submit bug report to Dice?

Next I went to and again for and searched for "Silktest". I got 62 results. When I searched for "BCSTE", I got 0 results.

Do you still think that Silktest certification would get you hired? May be it would be better instead of preparing to crack SilkTest exam spend it learning some open source tools like Selenium or Canoo


Anonymous said...

dont know if it would get you hired .. but as someone recruiting; coming in to an interview with a certification on your cv is a definite plus for me !

David Genrich said...

I have interviewed thousands of people for SilkTest. Only a few have had the BCSTE or SCSTE certificate. Did I hire those with the certificate? No. I interview based on what the person knows, not what schooling or certs they have. Some people are very good at reading something, and taking a test, but that doesn't mean they are good at applying it.

However, having the certificate would get a person an interview.

David Genrich

Surya said...

I am planning for BCSTE First level. Can anyone send me sample questions or dumps for the same. Thanks in advance.
mail id

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