Silktest Question 1 : SilkTest does not set DefaultBaseState for Internet Explorer

The error message from the results file shows:
[ ] *** DefaultBaseState is invoking Browser
[ ] *** Error: Unable to start Internet Explorer 6 DOM
[ ] Occurred in AppError
[ ] Called from Explorer.Invoke at extend\
[ ] Called from Browser.Invoke at
[ ] Called from DefaultBaseState at
[ ] Called from main at $ScriptMain(2)

First check to ensure that all of the extensions have been enabled properly within SilkTest. If this is fine, then ensure that there are not two versions of SilkTest installed on the machine.

If there are not two versions of SilkTest on the machine then there is the possibility that the machine was not restarted when uninstalling the older version of SilkTest prior to installing the new version.

In this case perform the following:

Uninstall SilkTest,
Restart the machine,
Reinstall SilkTest,
Restart the machine.

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