SilkTest Question 71: Does SilkTest support Chrome browser?

Today Google officially released a test version of its Internet browser called Chrome. It is definitely exceptionally early to expect that Borland would provide support for Chrome browsers in SilkTest in the nearby future. Keep in mind that Internet Explorer is still commands more than 75 percent of the world browser market. In mean time, download Chrome browser and became proverbial with new kid on the search-engine world. If you really believe that your company would expect quality assurance team to test application in Chrome browser, look at Selenium open source test automation tool. Not long ago, the creator of Selenium Jason Randolph Huggins was hired by Google, and I expect that support for Chrome browser would appear in Selenium much faster then in SilkTest. So download Chrome browser on your machine and take pleasure in more cross browser testing.


karkadil said...

Just a little correction. According to this statistics

IE holds ~50% (not 75) and Firefox ~43%.

Anonymous said...

So, IE only has 75% to 50% of the world browser market. What company that is developing an internet application is going to want to loose 25% to 50% of their market share just because those clients do not use IE???? Micro Focus better step up to the plate with regard to Firefox (only supporting 3.6 currently), Chrome and even Safari and Mac or they will be loosing market share as well.

Anonymous said...

SilkTest 13.0 added support for Chrome, and Micro Focus (Borland) is committed to continuously supporting the latest versions of Firefox, IE & Chrome.

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