SilkTest Question 29: How to hide password in the 4test script file?

My QA team is doing transition from Winrunner to SilkTest and we have a problem with the web application user name/password recording. The Winrunner records the password in the encrypted format, but SilkTest records password as a plain text. Can we do something to hide password?

There is no way to encrypt and decrypt password using 4test script, but QA engineer can make a work around with some external languages like Perl or Python. More advance solution is too never use your own account and create test accounts to access application under test.

UPDATE: SilkTest 2006R2 supports password encryption/decryption. Passwords can be encrypted, so that they are not displayed in recorded test scripts or when playing back test scripts.Two new functions, Decrypt() and Encrypt(), have been added to the 4Test language to support password encryption.

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Encrypt/Decrypt Options are available in 2006R2 version of Silk Test.

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