Again on SilkTest Job Opportunities

The Indian competitor of job portal - Naukri has today thirty three job postings for engineers with Silk Test knowledge comparing with seventy four on As usual job details are not very specific on both sites. For example the following short job description is not clear about position at all. Do they want to hire QA Lead or just QA Tester? Do they hope to use all automated tool in the same time?

Job Description
- This QA lead / Testing lead / QA Tester will analyze the test requirements specifications and contributes in developing the test strategy.
- Develops test scenarios.
- Periodically reviews the test cases developed and the test execution results.

Desired Profile
- QA Lead / Testing Lead / QA Tester with minimum four yrs of experience out of which at least 1+ year of experience in any of the automated testing tools (Winrunner, Loadrunner, Visual Test, Rational Robot, SilkTest etc.).
- Engineering Graduate/MCA
- Must understand SDLC.

SilkTest Question 49: What does this code print?

There is one more puzzle for interviewee during hiring process in of the top tech company located in Bengalooru, India.

What does the following 4test code print and why?

SilkTest FAQ

Unfortunately more then seventy five percent of candidates for SilkTest Testing Engineer position would give a wrong answer: "53" "54". Perhaps they forgot or never knew about using the type cast operator to perform explicit type conversion. The result of casting a string to integer is the numeric value of the first character in string. Thus in the example above the second print operator would produce "53" too, which is decimal value of the ASCII character 5.

SilkTest Question 48: Do you recommend installing WinRunner and Silktest on the same machine?

Scanning job search site the eager job hunter may notice a lot of Quality Assurance engineers with different automating tools in the resume. I would suggest asking about ideas to work with WinRunner and Silktest installed on the same machine. In most cases such setup would work fine, but suddenly a new difficulty may arise, for example with Java applets testing. Last week one of our outsourced team member in India installed SilkTest on a computer that already had WinRunner installed by somebody else. The tests were working well until she started trying to enable extensions for Java applets. As a result of this Silk Test recognize IE6 browser as a client/server application. The Borland (Segue) support told us that WinRunner installs own Java classes that may conflict with SilkTest extension and they do not recommend installing both testing tool on the same machine in any Test Lab.

Current SilkTest Job Opportunities

Senior QA Engineer - Automation

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

OVERVIEW: In this position, the Senior QA Engineer will be helping to deliver high quality products to our websites, on schedule, in a fast paced environment. You will be responsible for expanding and maintaining our functional test automation suite, as well as designing, building and executing load, performance and reliability tests. As a senior member of the team, you will be mentoring and training junior QA engineers.


• Design, build and execute load, performance and reliability tests.
• Build upon and maintain existing SilkTest automation suite.
• Create test plans, and provide estimates for project scheduling.
• Investigate new test methodologies and tools.
• Mentor junior team members.


• Understanding and knowledge of software development life cycle and software engineering best practices.
• A solid understanding of testing methodologies.
• Demonstrated knowledge of Internet technologies and experience testing web applications.
• Experience developing automated testing harnesses.
• Experience with SilkTest, and facility with its 4Test Scripting language.
• Experience with load testing tools, JMeter a plus.
• Demonstrated knowledge of databases and facility with SQL.
• Facility with and knowledge of Windows platforms (Win9x, Win2K, Win XP).
• Knowledge of UNIX servers and environments (Solaris).
• Some experience with J2EE containers (Resin, Tomcat, Jetty, etc.)
• Additional programming experience a plus, e.g: Scripting languages such as shell scripting, Perl, Ant, etc; Compiled languages like C, C++ or Java.
• I18N (internationalization) and L10N (localization) testing experience.
• Good technical troubleshooting skills.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.

Please send your cover letter with compensation requirements and resume via email to (no attachments please). Please include the job title: Senior QA Engineer

SilkTest interview questions for QA Testers