Silktest Interview Question 75: Can Silktest 2009 do load testing?

Micro Focus SilkTest 2009 does not provide load testing capabilities and mainly used as functional testing tool. In the same time, a shrewd test automation engineer could easily integrate SilkTest 2009 with SilkPerformer 2009 to provide GUI Virtual User testing to validate performance and scalability when client-side performance.

Silktest Interview Question 74: What Silktest 2009 editions are available?

  • Micro Focus SilkTest 2009, support test case recording, editing, execution and results analysis.
  • SilkTest Silk4J, An eclipse plug-in to enable Java as a Scripting Language.
  • SilkTest Runtime, is a scaled-down version of Silk Test 2009 that provides a cost-effective way to run existing functional tests and analyze results, this edition require SilkCentral Test Manager 2009.

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