SilkTest Question 25: How to fix the explorer6_Dom[1] error?

We have a few test scripts written by outsourced QA team in 4test language for regression testing of our web based application. During test script execution the error message ***Error: Window '[MainWin]$explorer6_Dom[1]' was not found appears. The problem is that the error message above is not shown every time when I run script, sometimes the code runs just fine, but it may happen that if I execute testing again the DOM error message appears. Not a single engineer in our QA team is able to find answer in SilkTest documentation. We asked for help from outsourced testing team, but they do not have any clue at all.

One of the solutions to fix *** Error: Window '[MainWin]$explorer6_DOM[1]' was not found is to verify that "Enable Third Party Browser Extensions" option of Internet Explorer is checked. You can find it under Tools/Internet Options/Advanced
Do not forget to reboot your computer after enabling this options.


Anonymous said...

I am using IE7 & Silk 7.1,i have set the "Enable Third Party Browser Extensions" in my browesr, still getting the same problem?
It works without any problem with IE6.

thanks in advance for ur response

Anonymous said...

I have that problem with IE6 as well.
Any other ideas beside "Third party extensions"?

Thank you for help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much.. this really worked for my IE6.

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