Silktest Question 3 : Is SilkTest Extension Kit part of SilkTest?

Some features and tools are available only when they are purchased
separately and are licensed to you:

  • Extension Kit: if you purchased the Extension Kit, you must supply the password in order to install it during the SilkTest installation. Contact SilkTest Customer Service if you do not know your password

  • SilkTest Agent only: if you have purchased a license for the SilkTest Agent but not SilkTest, then only the Agent, sample applications, and the SilkTest Bitmap Tool are accessible after you install SilkTest.

UPDATES: Extension Kit is included at no extra cost starting with SilkTest 2006. If your maintenance contract is up to date, ask Borland about upgrade to SilkTest 2006R2. For older versions of tool, the extension kit was an add-on, which needed to be purchased separately. As soon as the Extension Kit is installed QA Engineer can get more information from Start -> Programs > Borland > SilkTest 2006 > Documentation -> Extension Kit Documentation and also from the SilkTest online Help file (Help > Help Topics)

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