SilkTest Question 55: How does conditional operator work?

The conditional operator (some testers called it "immediate if" operator) of 4Test language provides alternative to using the if statement for conditional logic structures.

Let take a look on the sample code:
STRING QuickTest = (Winrunner> Qtp) ? License : Tutorial

  • If value of variable Winrunner is greater than Qtp, 4test would assign value of License to QuickTest;
  • If value of variable Qtp is greater than Winrunner, assign value of Tutorial to QuickTest;
Homework assignment: what happens if the values are equal?

SilkTest Question 54: Links not being recognized

The Quality Assurance Engineer tries to created fancy 4test script for newest version of web based application, but for some weird reason SilkTest 2006 is not recognizing links as HtmlLink objects.

The cause of this behavior is that someone have configured browser not to underline links (by default IE displays all links as underlined links). SilkTest 2006 requires that links be underlined. Reconfigure the browser on test machine to display links underlined.

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