Again on the job market for automated testing tools

The following results appeared after four months tracking the job postings for QA Engineer with automated testing tool experience on fashionable job search engines and craigslist (the craigslist search is local, only for San Francisco Bay Area)

I started to track since April, 2006 and as we see job market looks steady for both tools.
Silktest – 68; 164; 175; 180.
Winrunner - 514; 519; 537; 516.

Silktets – 17; 23; 26; 33.
Winrunner - 28; 27; 30; 30.

By the way today Hewlett-Packard announced that it will acquire management software company Mercury Interactive for $52 a share, or $4.5 billion in cash. Will it give boost for Winrunner and Quick Test Pro?

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