SilkTest Question 50: What is the difference between frame and include files?

The main difference between frame and include file that both file can contain window declarations, constant, variables and functions, but only frame file can contain DefaultBaseState declaration.


David said...

DefaultBaseState is contained in, not in the frame file. You're way off. A frame file is an include file. Just referenced in the Runtime Options so that it's automatically compiled every time as well as everything that's included off of it with a USE statement. However, a script file (.t) can use an include file (.inc) and that include file will only be compiled when the .t file is compiled.

MP said...

Thanks for correction. I broke the rule number one: do not try to do anything on January 1, after New Year's Eve celebration.

Mohan Moorkodi said...

frame file(.inc): Added to runtime options by silktest automatically whenever created.

include file (.inc): Will not be added to runtime options by silktest, need to be added explicitley if required or can be referenced anywhere by USE statements

With regard to compilation: Any .inc file will be compiled the way it's called, it will be compiled everytime if it's in runtime. otherwise when a file is compiled (.t or .inc) all the .inc file referenced by that will be compiled

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