Borland SilkTest 2008 Release Notes

Let's imagine that Borland SilkTest 2008 has been released and available for download, so we are going through the first few lines of release notes for Borland Silk Test 2008:
What's New
This section lists significant enhancements and changes that were made for the SilkTest 2008 release

Integration in development process
SilkTest 2008 introduces Eclipse plug-in to allow test development to be done within the Eclipse IDE.

Multi-language support
SilkTest 2008 implements the ability of using 4Test, Java or Python as coding language.

Flex Support
Silk Test 2008 now supports the following technologies Adobe Flex 2.x and 3.0

I hope you understood it were the imaginable release notes, but I still anticipate Borland has very strong commitment to Silk Test and that we will see all features described above and other great things coming over the next months.

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