Borland SilkTest 2008 SP1 is available for download

Borland SilkTest 2008 SP1 is officially available. 470 MB of SilkTest 2008 downloads are available for all Silk Test 2008 customers:

The new features are
  • Silk4J Eclipse Plugin - Silk4J enables Quality Assurance Engineers to create functional tests using the Java programming language. Silk4J plugin requires Eclipse 3.3;
  • Java SWT/RCP Support for the SilkTest Open Agent - Quality Assurance Engineers can create projects or scripts for Java SWT and Eclipse applications that use the next generation Open Agent;
  • Java SWT Sample Applications - SilkTest 2008 SP1 includes a Java SWT 3.2 and 3.3 sample application, which use the SilkTest Open Agent.
  • Enabling Extensions for the Open Agent Using the Command Line - QA Engineers can specify a command line pattern that Silk Test 2008 SP1 uses to enable extensions for the Open Agent.

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