SilkTest 8.0 released by Borland

I noticed just a few days ago in my blog posting SilkTest 8.0 is coming that probably we will see a new version of Silk Test very soon as an answer to Mercury Interactives's Quick Test Pro 9.0 and today Borland announced in press release about releasing improved version of application for automated testing. Actually I not expected that they will make it live so fast and I guess Segue already had some prototype in progress.

I briefly looked over technical specifications and I definately like the following features of SilkTest 8.0: it can be used for testing web based applications running in the Firefox 1.5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy with Net 2.0 support. The most recent version of Silk Test recognizes .Net 2.0 application as standard MFC client/server application. I'm eager to get a new release.

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