Update on job market for automation testing tools.

Today the regular monthly results for job openings for quality assurance engineers from popular job search engines shows that Winrunner leads again in the race.

Search result from dice.com on May,19 2006:
  • silktest - 164 jobs
  • winrunner - 519 jobs
The spike for Silk Test positions has an easy explanation. This time I run the search as boolean expression "(silk AND test) OR silktest", and dice.com added around 70 positions for QA Engineers based on this modified query.

Search result from Craigslist for San Francisco Bay Area on May,19 2006:
  • silktest - 23 jobs
  • winrunner - 27 jobs
It is not too many for Bay Area comparing with total 463 open positions for QA Engineers from the same Craigslist. Probably on the current stage of market the companies would like to hire more manual testers than people with automation testing skills.

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest including open positions for Quick TestPro automation tool for software testing

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